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Rivet Tool
Removes and replaces both standard round-head and countersunk rivets.

R3030 $70.00
Replace sickle sections
right on the machine.

Rivet Tool in Action
R1623 - Riveter Screw $8.00

R1813 - Riveter Sleeve $10.00

R3035 - Anvil $5.00

R2010 - Punch Screw $7.00

R1816 - Punch Sleeve $10.00

R5002 - Punch $5.50
New 2-way reversible anvil insert gives this tool the capability of replacing both types of rivets quickly and easily. Ideal tool for the operator who has several machines with varying sickle section fasteners. Narrow body design fits all sickles including new double tooth sections. Tool complete with all parts and instructions. Replacement parts also sold separately. Do not use an impact wrench.
Sales Policy: SmithTool extends to each customer a 90-day warranty on all body castings and 30-days on all replacement parts. For further details, please see the Sales Policy section of this website.

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